Custom Rifles

All Custom Rifle prices include the action and federal excise tax. Scopes are available at additional cost.
Custom Sheep Rifle
$4,295 includes action     Custom Sheep Rifle    
Field Stalker Rifle
$4,295 includes action     Field Stalker Rifle    
Genesis Rifle
$5,995 Includes Action     Genesis Rifle    
Long Range Hunter
$4,495 Includes Action     Long Range Hunter    
Long Range Tactical 338 Lapua
$5,995     Long Range Tactical 338 Lapua    
Compact Sporter
$5,995 Price includes action     338 Lapua Hunter    
Tactical Rifle
$4,795 includes action     Tactical Course Rifle    
Dangerous Game Rifle
$6,595includes action     Dangerous Game Rifle    
Safari Synthetic Rifle
$5,995 includes action     Safari Synthetic Rifle    
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