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Everything we do in building your rifle, or Accurizing your rifle is geared toward maximizing quality and accuracy. From selecting the components to crafting the final product, we are using the best mounts, scopes, ammunition, stocks, and barrels available. The following is a list of companies that excel at what they do and consistently deliver quality products and services.

Hill Country Rifles Recommendations


While you do not have to spend a fortune to get a quality, dependable scope, there is truth to the old adage, “You get what you pay for”. When deciding on a scope, consider the following:
  • Budget (There are several good choices in the $500.00 to $2000.00 range.)
  • Magnification (What range of magnification range will best suit your needs)
  • Eye Relief and Field of View. It is nice to have a long eye relief on high recoiling rifles. You will need a large field of view for close quarters shooting.
  • Weight (How will the scope impact overall rifle weight?)
  • Ring Height (Make sure the scope rings needed for the scope you want make sense for the stock configuration you choose. For instance, if you use a 50mm or 56mm objective, this will require high to extra-high rings. Will you have a good cheek rest with this, given your stock design? We will help you with this.
  • How and what you will hunt. Whether or not you need a standard cross hair, a cross hair with hold over points, a scope with target turrets, or a large objective for low light performance will depend on what terrain you will hunt, what hours of the day you will hunt, and what your realistic shot ranges will be. There are many trade-offs to consider that will impact your scoped rifle weight, range, performance, and enjoyment. We have set up thousands of rifles for all types of hunting. We are here to help with these decisions.

Our Favorite Scope Manufacturers are:

Actions for Custom Rifle Orders

We currently use two custom action makers as the basis for our sporting rifles. These are Stiller Precision and Defiance Machine. Both actions are a Remington 700 type of design, but hold better machining tolerances and have a superior bolt release and ejector design. Both are available in right and left hand. For our Dangerous Game Rifles, or if you prefer a control feed action in general, we use the Winchester Model 70 and the Dakota 76 action only.

Synthetic Stocks:

Our preference is for McMillan stocks. They offer multiple styles that will accommodate all kinds of rifles, from 22 ounce lightweight stocks to heavy tactical and dangerous game rifle stocks. All of the inletting is done by CNC mills that allow us to specify action type, barrel dimensions, and floor plate dimensions. This allows us to give you incredibly good fit and finish with no gaps around the action and perfectly centered alignment down the barrel channel of the stock. McMillan’s quality is well known and they have a lifetime warranty against defect on their stocks. We will order the stock in the style, color, and length of pull that you need. You can see style and color options at As always, if you have any questions about these choices, we are glad to help you.

Precision Stock Works: Designed by PSW and manufactured by McMillan, this is the best long range hunting/light tactical stock we have ever seen for a right handed shooter. Great design with McMillan quality and life time warranty. Check them out at


Don’t worry. We only use the best. Hart, Krieger, Benchmark, Lilja, and Schneider are a few of our favorites.


We will always use ammunition that it appropriate for caliber. If your rifle is a varmint caliber, we will use varmint ammunition. If it is an Elk caliber, we will use ammunition optimum for Elk. You can see a list of ammunition that we are likely to use on our Accurize It page. We use Federal Premium, Remington Premier and Hornady because they offer a wide range of bullet types, and the ammunition is consistently accurate across lot numbers.

Our main goal is to combine all of these components to give you a rifle that will give you the best possible performance over a lifetime of use.

SAAM Precision Rifle

Shooting Schools and Instruction

We have had the pleasure of dealing with Tim Fallon at the SAAM Precision Rifle Course for some time now. Many of our customers have attended the course. In addition to having a great time, all have said that the course greatly improved their confidence in field shooting. We highly recommend this course for any hunting enthusiast that wants to improve the knowledge and shooting skills in hunting situations.