300 PRC Update: Hinged Floorplate Model Good to Go!

We have been working extensively with the new 300 PRC from Hornady.  After lots of testing, we are confident in our hinged floorplate feeding system.  So, we now offer the 300 PRC in a detachable box magazine and a hinged floorplate model.  We use the Defiance, Stiller, or BAT action with extended magazine box that we custom shape and fit for the 300 PRC.  Feeding is excellent.  We are now able to offer the 300 PRC in our Long Range Hunter!

We will also rebarrel a Remington 700 long, standard belted magnum action or Ultra Mag action to 300 PRC.  We will supply and fit the extended magazine at and additional cost of $150.  We will not offer this on any other factory action.

If you are looking for an awesome Elk cartridge, the 212 grain ELD-X at 2850 fps packs a lot of punch down range and handles wind drift extremely well.

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