Why Hill Country Rifle Company? That is really the best question to ask when you are about to order a new rifle. Dave and I started this business in 1996, after we had worked for other companies in our industry. We are also customers in our industry. We have been on your side of the counter, your end of the phone, or more likely today, your end of the email account. We built this company to give you the same things we wanted as customers; Friendly, professional customer service, extremely high quality products made with the best components available in the world, and guaranteed results that are tested and verified before you ever take delivery of your rifle.


What do we do differently that sets us apart from our competitors?


  1. We shoot every rifle we build. That sounds pretty basic, but you would be amazed at how many rifle shops never shoot their rifles for groups to verify accuracy. Whether we are Accurizing your rifle, replacing your barrel, or building a rifle for you, we will shoot the rifle for groups to test accuracy, proper feeding, firing, extraction and ejection. You will receive the targets and we will use factory ammunition for all testing. You do not have to buy several different boxes of ammunition to test. You do not have to spend hours of range time and money trying out different loads or trying to figure out why the rifle does not shoot well, feed well, or operate correctly. You will already know the ammo the rifle shoots accurately and we will professionally mount your scope and sight the rifle in. We always shoot off a regular front and rear bag rest. No vises or sleds will be used.
  2. We individually glass and aluminum pillar bed each action into its stock. This means the bedding is designed to fit your specific action, recoil lug, and bottom metal. We do not use generic aluminum bedding blocks. Bedding blocks are not “bedding”. They are simply blocks of aluminum milled out to accept a particular model of action. While this is fine for a high volume production factory rifle, it has no place in a true custom made rifle and does not deliver the same level of accuracy and consistency over the long run.
  3. Our Accuracy guarantee is very clear and very simple. Our full custom rifles are guaranteed to shoot 3-shot, 1/2″ or better groups, at 100 yards with recommended factory ammunition in most calibers. Because we take the time to properly bed every action and shoot every rifle, you can be confident the guarantee is real and true. You will get the targets that show the actual groups from your rifle, shot off a bench on a simple front and rear bag rest. You do not have to hand load. You do not have to buy some special load from us. Even if you are going to reload, a rifle that shoots 1/2″ groups with factory ammunition will make your reloading work much easier.
  4. We have a team of customer service specialists to help you at any time. You are welcome to call for status updates, billing questions, or technical questions about rifles, scopes, optics or hunting. We will never make you feel like you are inconveniencing us with a phone call or email. We strive to return all messages the same day we receive them, or early the next day at the latest. You are the reason we get to do what we do and we appreciate it.


I hope we can be of service to you in some way. Thank you very much for visiting our website.