Accurize It!

What makes our Accurizing service the best? We actually shoot your rifle when we complete our work. Believe it or not, most “Accurizing” services do not include shooting your rifle to make sure it is actually accurate once the work is done. In addition to shooting your rifle to verify accuracy, we will also test different factory ammunition to see which one your rifle likes best. Given the cost of ammo today and the difficulty getting range time, this saves you the time and money it takes to test the best factory ammo offerings available. Once we determine the best factory ammo for your rifle, we will sight the rifle in as you request. The rifle is fully tested, accurate, and ready to hunt when you receive it.


Make The Best Of Your Hunting Experience


If you are not certain that your rifle is really in need of our Accurizing Service, consider how rare good hunting opportunities are, how much time and money you invest in your hunting ventures, and how disgusted you will feel if a potential hunt of a lifetime ends with a missed shot or, even worse, a wounded, unretrieved animal.


Confidence Over Time


You only have to Accurize your rifle once. From that point forward, you will have complete confidence in your rifle’s ability to get the job done and greater confidence in every shot you take.




While we cannot guarantee a specific group size, the vast majority of rifles we Accurize produce sub-inch three shot groups at 100 yards when we are done. Simply put, your rifle will be as Accurate and Dependable as it can be without replacing the barrel.

For a guaranteed ¾” group at 100 yards with factory ammunition, see our Deluxe Accurizing service.

How We Do It


  • Inspect chamber and barrel with our Hawkeye Bore Scope
  • Inspect chamber for proper head space with go and no-go gauges
  • Ensure even locking lug contact as head space allows
  • Recrown barrel to ensure a perfectly concentric crown
  • Aluminum Pillar and Glass Bed receiver and floor plate
  • Free-float barrel
  • Clean, inspect and tune your trigger
  • Check base for level and lap scope rings for a perfect fit
  • Shoot your rifle for groups, sight in, and give you the targets


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Cost: $695

HCR Accurizing Rifle
  1. Recoil lug is glass bedded to prevent action from moving in stock.
  2. Aluminum Pillars are bedded into the stock at the front & rear action screws.
    • The pillars are shaped to perfectly match the individual action
    • The pillars are threaded into glass bedding so they will never work loose.
    • The pillars are drilled so that the action screws do not contact the inside of the pillar.
    • The receiver is glass bedded in the stock to insure a perfect stock to metal fit.
  3. The floor plate is glass bedded perfectly square to the receiver. This will eliminate any uneven harmonic torque on the action & maximize the accuracy of your free - floating barrel as the barrel heats up.