Build To Order Rifles

If you don’t see the rifle you want in our Ready To Ship section, we will give you the time, expertise, and customer service Hill Country Rifles is famous for to design and build your one of a kind, custom rifle.

Questions we will ask you –

Custom Rifles - How do you hunt?

How do you hunt?

A basic description of the type of game you plan to hunt, the terrain you hunt in, and the distances you plan to shoot will play a big role in the rifle’s design.

Build To Order Rifles

What calibers are you considering?

We will always point you toward calibers that give you the greatest odds of success for what you hunt and how you hunt.

Build To Order Rifles

What would you like the rifle to weigh?

This helps us determine the barrel dimensions and what type of stock shell (carbon or fiberglass) and stock fill (Edge, standard or magnum) to use.  Great gun balance is key to great shooting.

Build To Order Rifles

Do you want a muzzle brake, or do you prefer to avoid muzzle brakes due to noise and muzzle blast?

This is good to consider to ensure the combination of rifle weight and caliber will not create more recoil that you want.

Custom Rifles - Custom Scope Size

What scope are you considering?  What do you like in magnification range?  Price range?

Scope dimensions, especially objective size, dramatically affect what ring height you will need and what stock design will give you the best cheek weld and eye relief.  We always look at your barrel dimension, scope size, and ring height to choose the optimum stock design for your rifle.  All of these components must be considered together to design the perfect rifle for you.

Make It Your Own –

These are just a few very important factors to consider when you build a custom rifle from the ground up.

Our job is to ask you these and other questions to make sure you get the best possible custom rifle for your money.

Starting Point –

Our Long Range Hunter, Sheep Rifle, Carbon Rifleman and other models are great starting points.  One of these may be a great fit, or we may need to take features from one of more of our rifles and blend them together to get the exact rifle you want.

You might be thinking, ‘ I like the stock on the Long Range Hunter, but I really need a the weight of the Sheep Rifle.”

Or, “The Sheep Rifle looks good, but I want a Detachable Magazine.”

No Problem –

We sometimes even hear, “ I am right handed but left eye dominant, so I need a rifle with a right hand bolt but in a left hand stock design.”

Our answer to all of these preferences is “No Problem.”

You might want to a specific color combination or camo pattern.

Our answer is “No problem, check out our popular color options or we can design a custom color scheme  to meet your needs”

Let’s Get In Touch –

The best way to make all of these decisions is to talk about the build first.

Our customers enjoy this process. You get to participate in all the build decisions and we make the process very easy.

Please call us at 830-609-3139 or email me at to start this conversation.  If you would like to email me your phone number I will call you at a time convenient to you.


Thank You,

Matt Bettersworth
Cofounder and GM