Customer Success Story – .338 Lapua

Donny Neilson took the time to drop us a line about his latest experience at FTW. We were impressed by his results and wanted to pass this along to the rest of our customers as well!

Morning Matt!

My wife and I just finished another excellent course at FTW.  The pics attached show the hits I made with this rifle I got from you last fall. This is the first opportunity I’ve had to really stretch its legs. The 2 targets are at 1800 yards. The 5 targets are 1500 yards!

Tim Fallon had me try the Hornady Match 285 gr ELD-M Ammo on our last afternoon of the course. The long range ballistics on it are amazing. Hit the first 3 1500’s one shot each. Missed twice on the 4th plate then nailed it and next shot on the white square. Wind wasn’t bad. About 10 so not much of a curve ball.

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