Deluxe Accurizing


Our Deluxe Accurizing service combines our world famous Accurizing service, with the best match grade barrels available for the ultimate in rifle accuracy.


Deluxe Accurizing includes:


    1. Aluminum Pillar and Glass bed receiver and bottom metal
    2. Complete action job to square and true your action*
    3. Match Grade stainless steel barrel in the caliber, contour, length, and twist rate you need
    4. Recessed Target Crown
    5. Matte finish on new barrel
    6. Tune factory trigger to as light as 3.0 pounds with no creep. Aftermarket triggers can be tuned lighter if desired
    7. Check scope mounts for level, lap scope rings for perfect, concentric fit around scope tube
    8. Barrel break in
    9. Mount scope and sight in
    10. ¾”, three-shot group accuracy guarantee at 100 yards with recommended factory ammunition!


Cost: $1750
Standard Delivery Time: 5 months

Prefer a Carbon Fiber Barrel?  Proof Carbon Fiber barrels also available for additional $649 with potentially longer lead times.


Want a new stock? Add a new McMillan stock with Pachmayr Decelerator recoil pad in the McMillan painted finish and length of pull you want for only $700 and you will have a new custom rifle!

McMillan stocks no longer available for the following:  Ruger 77 and Mark II, Sako 75, Sako 85, CZ550, Browning A-bolt, Pre-64 Winchester, Weatherby MK V Lightweight, Dakota 76


Want to change caliber? Since we are replacing your barrel we can also change to a new caliber. Magnums must stay magnums and non-magnums must stay non-magnums. We can help you with this!


• Different actions allow for different levels of squaring and truing
• Factory barrels will no longer fit Remington actions after this service as threads are recut to larger OD for truing purposes.

Not Available for Browning, Savage, Mauser, Husqvarna, Sauer, and some other actions.



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