Great Factory Ammo now available for our Long Range Extreme Tactical Rifle in 375CT!

We have finished testing the new factory loaded ammunition for the 375 Cheytac loaded by SBR Precision Ammo. This chambering also goes by the cartridge stamp 9.5X77.

They are loading a 353 grain, solid match projectile with a whopping advertised G1 BC of 1.023.

SBR is using Peterson match brass which is the highest quality brass available in this chambering.

Overall cartridge length is 4.496” making it a perfect round for our Single Shot model.

So, if the lack of accurate factory ammunition for the 375 CT has been holding you back, wait no longer!

We have the rifles ready to ship and the ammo ready to shoot!

See our current inventory of these rifles at our Ready to Ship Page

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