HCR News: Gunsmithing Services Changes

Hcr News: Gunsmithing Services Changes

Hill Country Rifles is removing certain services due to growth in Custom Rifle and Build on Your Own action orders.

Rifles marked with Hill Country Rifles on the action or barrel, or marked with HCR on the barrel are exempt from these changes.

We have been building custom rifles for about 24 years now.

Thanks to great employees and great customers, our business has grown steadily over the years.

In the past, we have tried to be a full-service gunsmithing shop for bolt action rifles, offering everything from a trigger job, or rifle sight in, to muzzle brakes, barrel jobs, and complete rifle builds.

Our Custom Rifle, Deluxe Accurizing and Build on Your Own business is doing so well that we are having to discontinue several services in order to keep up with demand, meet delivery times, and not compromise on quality.

We find that high volume does not mix well with high quality in our industry and we must make these changes in order to maintain the quality of our core products and services. 

Dave and I want to personally say, “Thank You!” to everyone that has done business with HCR.

And we also want to apologize in advance for the inconvenience discontinuing these services may cause.

Changes to Services are as follows for rifles that do not have Hill Country Rifles or HCR on the action or barrel: 

  1. Bore Sight, Sight in, Mount Scope and Sight In available only when combined with new scope purchase.
  2. Thread Muzzle for Suppressor available only when combined with new barrel
  3. Any and all General Repair, to include trigger work, sight work, malfunction, stuck cases and so on no longer available
  4. Accurizing or Bedding available only when combined with new barrel (Deluxe Accurizing)
  5. Muzzle Brake installation available only when combined with new barrel installation.
  6. Deep Cleaning Inspection and Sight in no longer available
  7. Recoil pad installation/changes to length of pull no longer available


We believe in saying, “Yes” to something only when we can give you the attention to detail and quality you deserve.


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