Hill Country Custom 22 LR on the Vudoo V22 action is here!

If you are on this site, you probably agree with me when I say that shooting is fun! The more shooting the better.  The more challenging and the more you can improve you skill set the better.  The more long range shooting you can do the better.

But, what is long range shooting?  We shoot our 6.5 Creedmoor rifles with good repeatable accuracy as far as 1500 yards.  Our 338 Lapua Long Range Tactical rifles do great out to a mile and even a bit beyond that distance.

But, these cartridges are built for those ranges.  It is not always easy to find a range that lets you shoot 1000 yards, much less 1500 to a mile.  Volume shooting gets expensive, not just in ammo, but also in wear on equipment.  Replacing match grade barrels is not cheap, and neither is quality ammunition.

Then there is the issue of how many rounds you can fire before you have to sit, or lay there for several minutes before you can shoot again.

We have a great solution:  The HCR Custom 22 Long Rifle.

First, the price, lets just get it out there:  $3899.  “For a 22?!!!” you say?  I get that.  We all grew up plinking with an old 22, probably a hand-me-down from our father or Great Grand Dad.  Shooting box after box at cans, turtles, rabbits, telephone wire insulators (not me, never!) was great fun and it did improve our shooting skill to some extent.

However, I am talking about something quite different in this case.  Our 22 Long Rifle is built and designed using the same quality of components as our custom center fire rifles.  Our 22 feels just like a full sized rifle.  We use the same exact Rifleman stock that is on our Tactical Course Rifle.  We use the same Surgeon bottom metal that takes a detachable magazine that is remarkably similar in size and feel to the Accuracy International magazine.  We aluminum pillar and glass bed the action just like our other rifles.  We even use the same Jewell and Trigger Tech triggers.  Did I mention our 22LR is already threaded for a suppressor?  Low noise?  How about close to zero noise?

The result is a 22LR that shoots 1/2 MOA at 100 yards.  Consider that shooting sub-sonic 22LR ammunition at 300 yards requires virtually the same scope adjustment in both elevation and wind as a 308 Win. shooting 175 grain match ammunition.  Shooting our 22LR at 300 yards very closely mimics shooting your 6.5 Creedmoor at 1200 yards.

What does this mean?  It means you can shoot cheap ammunition, all day long, with very low noise levels, zero recoil, and you will never shoot your barrel out.  100 yard shooting on small targets is very challenging for any shooter.  Shooting 6″ plates at 300 yards is just as difficult as 10″ plates at 1000 yards with a 308 or similar cartridge.  If you miss your target, you will see it through your scope and you will know exactly what went wrong, and how to correct it.  Everything you learn shooting this 22 will directly translate to your skill level with center fire rifles.

It is nothing to shoot 200-300 rounds of 22LR in a single setting.  With zero recoil, you can’t help but find any flaw in your shooting, no matter how small.  Your shoulder won’t be bruised, your barrel won’t be shot out, and you won’t break the bank on ammo cost.

Would you like your kids to get into shooting?  How about your spouse?  I have never met a human being that did not smile when shooting a 22LR.  Now take that to the level of accuracy and precision our custom 22 provides and you will enjoy a whole new level of shooting bliss!

This rifle will not sit in your safe!

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