Next Long Range Shot

We are working on a new rifle project and new cart

ridge for extreme long range shooting.  We plan to hit a target at 5500 yards next spring.

While pushing the targets farther and farther out is alot of fun, we are also looking for ways to get repeatability in the 2 mile range.  To that end we are working on a new .375 cartridge that will keep the projectile supersonic past 3600 yards.  A major challenge with shooting these ranges is that a bullet’s stability often suffers as it transitions from supersonic to subsonic velocity. We expect 3600 feet per second or better with a 350 to 400 grain projectile, which will stay supersonic past 3600 yards.

We just got the BAT action and our 34″ Bartlein barrel in for this project.  We will post updates as things progress.  No technical data will be given until we have actual velocity and field results.

  • Jimmy Cain
    Posted at 14:42h, 31 March

    Please give us an update. The long-range precision enthusiasts such as I are anxious to know when this new cartridge will be available!

    • Matt Bettersworth
      Posted at 15:56h, 30 April

      Hi Jimmy. Sorry for the slow response. I am still getting used to this new website. We finished our load testing and determined that the case is still a bit too long. We encountered pressure signs at 200 grains of H50 with a velocity of 3280 fps using the Warner 400 grain projectiles. By reducing case length by .375″ we believe we can achieve 3350 or so with less powder and better case efficiency. New dies and cases are being made now and we should have final load data by late June. We will be doing 2 mile tests using the same 400 grain projectile in 375 Cheytac on May 18. We have this at 3200 fps which adds another 400 yards to supersonic flight vs the 361 grain loads we have shot previously. Hoping to see better performance 3000-300 yards.

  • Timothy Sues
    Posted at 08:58h, 15 May


    Can you please provide another update on the progress, I am waiting to purchase another firearm until I hear the field data and if this is going to be available soon.

    Thank you so much!


    • Matt Bettersworth
      Posted at 17:33h, 17 May

      Hi Tim.
      We have reduced the case length by .375″. New brass and reamer should be ready in four weeks. We will do final load testing by end of June. We expect the 361 grain projectile to run about 3500 fps out of a 34″ barrel. The 400 grain projectiles should get very close to 3400 fps.
      As a side note, we are shooting the 400 grain Warner Tool projectiles at 2500 and 3600 yards this weekend out of a 29″, 1:7 twist barrel. Muzzle velocity is 2900 fps with a gigantic bc so will post those results and hopefully some video soon.

  • lance cloninger
    Posted at 23:14h, 02 June

    hey do yo guys plan on making rifle chambered in this new cartridge soon it sounds like it will be an excellent for ELR. if so can you have an update of when this new rifle and new cartridge will be available

    • Matt Bettersworth
      Posted at 14:52h, 13 June

      Hi Lance.
      Once we finish all testing and are happy with the results we will be happy to chamber it for others. We should receive our new shorter cases shortly and are also going to test some new projectiles from Warner that are designed to handle transonic better. We hope to test this in a few weeks. We will keep everyone posted as to results. If all works out it should be an excellent 2 mile cartridge.

  • Jimmy Cain
    Posted at 03:31h, 15 June

    Hi Matt! Just a note of thanks for all the updates. Please keep them coming and contact me the moment you are ready to start building! Mine is already on order!

    • Matt Bettersworth
      Posted at 09:40h, 17 July

      Hi Jimmy.
      New case dimensions are established and new reamer and gauges are in. Brass will be ready next week so we will reshoot and get chrono data together.
      Once we have that we will be ready to build yours!

  • Jimmy Cain
    Posted at 09:47h, 25 August

    Matt, you guys not only build superb rifles…you do a great job communicating! Thank you for the diligent updates and please keep them coming. We’ll soak up the data like a sp0nge!

    Stay safe!

    • Matt Bettersworth
      Posted at 08:39h, 26 August

      Thanks Jimmy.
      Still waiting on cases from Warner. Rest is ready to go. Hope to test 2 mile stability of new projectiles with stability ring in them.
      Will post as soon as we do it.