Hunting Rifles

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  • Long Range Hunter starting at $5499
    Finally, the perfect long range hunting rifle is here.  As hunters, we can now take advantage of accurate range finders combined with precision scope turrets and cross hair systems that extend the range of ethical hunting shots.
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  • Carbon Rifleman starting at $6999
    The Ultimate modern lightweight hunting rifle -- with HCR guaranteed accuracy.
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  • Sheep Rifle starting at $5599
    If walking long distances or covering rugged terrain is a big part of your hunting style, then this is the best rifle available for your needs.
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  • 338 Lapua Hunter starting at $6699
    This is the ultimate long range hunting rifle.  We have combined the unmatched accuracy of the 338 Lapua with the Our Rifleman stock and a hunting weight match grade barrel.
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  • Field Stalker starting at $5499
    Our Field Stalker is designed to be one of the most versatile hunting rifles available. At 7 to 7.75 pounds it is just as ideal on a long stalk as it is in a hunting stand.
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  • Dangerous Game Rifle starting at $8424
    Reliable feeding, firing and ejection are the most important features of any dangerous game rifle. This makes the action the most important component of a trustworthy DGR.
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  • Genesis Classic starting at $8099
    If you prefer a more traditional appearance, our Genesis Classic has all the same great features with the addition of a deep, rich, semi-gloss Black Cerakote finish applied to all metal surfaces.
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