Tactical Rifles

  • Long Range Extreme Tactical Rifle
    Long Range Extreme Tactical Rifles at Hill Country Rifles
    FUNCTIONAL RANGE2 miles and beyond
    This rifle is available in 375 CT and 408 CT.  We have successfully hit a 36" target from a distance of over 2 miles with the 375 CT.  That is what we mean by "Long Range Extreme".  Our 338 Lapua owns territory out to one mile.
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  • Long Range Tactical Rifle
    FUNCTIONAL RANGE1500 to 2000 yards on plates, varies by caliber
    WEIGHT W/ OPTIONS11 to 13.5 pounds with scope depending on configuration
    This rifle is designed for shooting distances beyond 1000 yards.  It is a prone position design using a McMillan A3/5 or A5 stock with adjustable comb.
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  • Tactical Course Rifle
    FUNCTIONAL RANGE3/8 MOA at 100 Yards
    WEIGHT W/ OPTIONS7.5-9.5 Pounds
    Whether competing in competitions like the Precision Rifle Series and Vortex Challenge or looking for the best rifle for fun recreational target shooting and hunting, our Tactical Course Rifle is the perfect set up. This type of shooting exposes the shooter to a wide variety of geography, distance, conditions and shooting positions.
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  • Custom HCR 22 LR
    Our custom 22 bolt action rifles are an absolute blast to shoot!  This rifle is designed to perfectly simulate the size, weight, balance, and accuracy of our center fire rifles.  The action has the same dimensions and feel as our standard short action. Available in right and left hand configurations.
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