Tactical Rifles

  • Long Range Extreme Tactical Rifle starting at $7123
    Long Range Extreme Tactical Rifles at Hill Country Rifles
    FUNCTIONAL RANGE2 miles and beyond
    This rifle is available in 375 CT and 408 CT.  We have successfully hit a 36" target from a distance of over 2 miles with the 375 CT.  That is what we mean by "Long Range Extreme".  Our 338 Lapua owns territory out to one mile.
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  • Long Range Tactical Rifle starting at $7099
    FUNCTIONAL RANGE1500 to 2000 yards on plates, varies by caliber
    WEIGHT W/ OPTIONS11 to 13.5 pounds with scope depending on configuration
    This rifle is designed for shooting distances beyond 1000 yards.  It is a prone position design using a McMillan A3/5 or A5 stock with adjustable comb.
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