Custom Long Range Tactical Rifle in 6.5 PRC SOLD

This is the first Long Range Tactical rifle we have built in the new 6.5 PRC.  It is outstanding.  The Accuracy is consistently in the .25 MOA range with factory Hornady Match 147 ELDM and Hornady Precision Hunter 143 ELDX ammunition.  the Defiance action is as smooth as silk.  We went with a 26″ barrel on this rifle to maximize velocity and down range energy.  The rifle is pictured with one of the best tactical scopes on the market; the new Kahles 5-25X56 in mils with left side windage.  If you do not need the scope, we will remove it and mount the one you send in.

Features Include:

  • Defiance Deviant Hunter XM stainless steel action
  • Bolt body and handle machined from one piece of steel stock
  • Deep bolt flutes
  • M-16 style claw extractor for reliable extraction
  • Jewell trigger set to 2.0 pounds with no creep
  • Schneider match grade, stainless steel, fluted, 1:8 Twist, P5, #7 contour, 26” barrel
  • Miller prone position muzzle brake (recoil is almost nonexistent)
  • McMillan A3/5 adjustable  Stock in our exclusive Hill Country Black Camo 
  • Pachmayr Decelerator Recoil Pad
  • Bipod rail
  • Complete HCR Accurizing with our aluminum pillar and glass bedding system
  • Black Cerakote finish on all metal
  • Barrel break-in, function, and accuracy tests completed
  • 3-shot, .5” group accuracy guarantee at 100 yards with recommended factory ammunition
  • Actual 3-shot test group size .228″ with Hornady 143 gr ELD-X, and .230″ with Hornady 147 gr ELD-M Factory Ammo
  • Ask for job M851


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Price without scope

$6,249 without scope


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