Custom 264 Win. Mag. on M700 Action A854 All Custom 700's in stock $500 off!

Looking at how popular the wide range of 6.5 calibers are today, you can tell the 264 Win. Mag. was way ahead of its time.  With muzzle velocities well over 3100 fps, this is still one of the flatter shooting hunting rounds with very reasonable powder/bore ratios, barrel life, and recoil giving the down range energy it generates. We set this 264 up with a fluted, 28″ barrel to maximize powder burn and velocity.  Our Rifleman stock is ideally designed for any shooting position including prone.  The XL size Decelerator recoil pad reduces recoil substantially making this a very pleasant rifle to shoot without a muzzle brake.  

  • Blueprinted Remington 700 action
  • Match grade Fluted Benchmark barrel with a 1:8 twist, 5R rifling in #6 contour at 28″
  • Rifleman Stock stock in Olive with Black and Tan Web
  • Complete HCR Accurizing with our aluminum pillar and glass bedding system
  • Trigger Tech trigger set at a crisp 2 1/2 lbs
  • Tough, rust-proof, FDE Cerakote finish on all metal
  • 1″ XL Pachmayr Decelerator recoil Pad
  • Barrel break-in, function, and accuracy tests completed
  • .5″ three-shot group guarantee with factory ammunition
  • Rifle weight without optic:  8.5 pounds
  • Actual group size: .431″ with 130 gr Accubond at 3132 fps

Our accuracy is not only guaranteed, it is verified with factory ammo!

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