Custom 338 Lapua Hunter #M1318- SOLD

Accurate Range finders and long-range scopes have definitely extended the distances a practiced shooter can effectively reach.  Energy and Accuracy are paramount at these longer ranges, especially when Elk sized game are in the mix.  Our 338 Lapua Hunter brings incredibly high energy and wind-defeating accuracy together in a hunting-weight rifle. This rifle features our proprietary Rifleman stock, extra-large Pachmayr Decelerator recoil pad, and side-ported muzzle brake that dramatically reduces recoil.  Excellent hunting ammo is available for the 338 Lapua, including 225 Barnes TTSX, 225 Nosler Accubond, and 300 grain Nosler Accubond from Choice Ammunition.  Hitting your target at long range is not enough.  You need to crush it!  Nothing outperforms our 338 Lapua Hunter in this arena.

Action: Defiance Deviant with Fluted 1-piece bolt

Barrel: Benchmark 416R Stainless Match 26” Fluted #5 Contour 1:8 Twist 5R with recessed target crown

Muzzle Device: Miller Prone Brake on 5/8-24 Threads

Trigger: TriggerTech at 2.5 lbs

Stock: HCR Rifleman in Custom Olive with Tan and Black Web, 1″ Decelerator Pad, 2 Sling Studs

Accurizing: HCR Custom Aluminum Pillar and Glass Bedding System

Metal Finish: FDE Cerakote

Weight: 8.5 Lbs Unscoped 

Accuracy Guarantee: 3-shot, ½” group with factory ammo at 100 yards

Group Size: .447” with Choice 225 gr TTSX Ammo

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