Custom Carbon Rifleman in 280 A.I. #M1299

No other rifle combines the precision of the Defiance Rebel action, Proof Carbon Fiber barrel, and our proprietary Rifleman stock design in a lightweight carbon fiber shell.

The Rebel action features a one-piece bolt construction with deep spiral flutes and very open “Sheep Hunter” loading and ejection port. The port design reduces action weight and makes it very easy to load cartridges into the rifle, even in gloved hands.

Our Rifleman stock features the best blend of grip shape, comb height, and forearm dimensions of any long range hunting stock on the market. We use McMillan’s lightweight EDGE technology with light fill and carbon fiber shell for maximum strength and rigidity in a stock that weighs less than 28 ounces.

We precisely thread and chamber a Carbon Fiber barrel in a light contour.

All metal is coated in our tough Cerakote finish in the color you choose.

Finally, we apply our one-to-one aluminum pillar and glass bedding system to the action. Our bedding system does not utilize a generic bedding block or chassis. Instead, we machine individual bedding pillars that match the radius of your action and full-length glass bed the receiver and recoil lug for a perfectly mated fit between your stock and action. We then bed the bottom metal so it is exactly square to the receiver. We do your barrel break-in and test accuracy with factory ammunition that is readily available.

Action: Defiance Rebel with Fluted 1-piece bolt

Barrel: Benchmark Carbon Fiber 416R Stainless Match 24” #5 Contour 1:8.5 Twist 5R with recessed target crown

Trigger: TriggerTech at 2.5 lbs

Stock: HCR Rifleman with Lightweight Carbon Edge Fill in Custom Grey with Black Web, 1″ Decelerator Pad, 1 Rear Sling Stud, Seekins BAR Rail

Accurizing: HCR Custom Aluminum Pillar and Glass Bedding System

Metal Finish: Graphite Black Cerakote

Weight: 7.25 lbs Unscoped 

Accuracy Guarantee: 3-shot, ½” group with factory ammo at 100 yards

Group Size: .396” with 168 gr Berger Hybrid Hunter Federal Premium Ammo

*Also shot Nosler Trophy Grade 160 Accubond at .477″ and 140 Accubond at .530″ so take your pick!

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