Custom HCR Long Range Tactical .22 LR #A1786 SOLD

When it comes to long range 22’s there are two ways you can go; cool and capable like our RPR 22’s, or fun and the best ever made like our Long Range Tactical 22LR.  At about $4K these 22’s are not for everyone, but the best rarely is.  Other custom 22’s guarantee ½” at a mere 50 yards. Because we individually aluminum pillar and glass bed our 22’s, just like our other rifles, we are able to produce a more accurate 22 with guaranteed ½” groups at 100 yards. Did you know a 300-yard shot with our 22’s has the same drop and wind drift as a 6.5 Creedmoor has at a 1200 yards?  That is what makes long range 22 shooting so fun.  You don’t need a 1200-yard range, the ammo is cheap, the barrel never gets hot so you can get lots of shooting in, and you won’t ever shoot the barrel out.  Over time, you will more than pay for the rifle with ammo savings and you will get a lot more trigger time in as well!


Action: Vudoo V22 

Barrel:  Match, 20″, 1:16 Twist, threaded 1/2X28 with thread cap

Trigger: Trigger Tech at 2.25 lbs

Stock: McMillan A10 Adjustable (12″ – 13 5/8″) with lightweight Carbon Edge Fill in Custom Olive with Tan and Black Web, 1″ Decelerator Pad, 1 Rear Sling Stud, 4″ BAR Rail

Accurizing: HCR Custom Aluminum Pillar and Glass Bedding System

Metal Finish: FDE Cerakote

Weight: 9.8 lbs Unscoped

Accuracy Guarantee: 3-shot, ½” group with factory ammo at 100 yards

Group Size: .357” with SK Long Range at 100 Yards

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