Custom Sheep Rifle in 280 AI

If walking long distances or covering rugged terrain is a big part of your hunting style, then this is the rifle you are looking for. Our Sheep Rifle is designed for those that need a lightweight, durable, easy to carry rifle for those long hunts in challenging terrain. We designed it to be perfectly balanced, reasonable in recoil, and extremely accurate.  The 280 AI provides ample energy for Deer and Elk sized game with great down range ballistics and low enough recoil to avoid noisy muzzle brakes.

  • Defiance Deviant Hunter UL action with integral scope bases
  • Solid, one-peice bolt contruction with flutes
  • M-16 style mini-claw extractor
  • Benchmark Match grade, fluted, stainless steel 24″ barrel in #4 contour, 1:9 Twist 5R, with recessed target crown
  • Professionally tuned Trigger Tech trigger at 2 1/2 pounds
  • McMillan Hunter’s Edge stock,  OD with Black and Tan Web, standard length of pull, 1″ Pachmayr Decelerator recoil pad
  • Our complete Accurizing process with aluminum pillar and glass bedding
  • Barrel break in, feeding, function and accuracy tests
  • Tough, rust-proof Cerakote finish in Black
  • Rifle weight without scope:  6.75 pounds
  • 3-shot, ½” group accuracy guarantee with factory ammo
  • Targets included: Actual Group Size .275″ with 162 gr. Hornady ELD-X

Our accuracy is not only guaranteed, it is verified.

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All Inlcusive Package

Add a lightweight Swarovski Z5 3.5-18X44 scope with Ballistic Turret, chronograph service, custom turret in yardage increments and we will mount your scope in Sig rings and sight it in as you request. Package price: $7195. Package savings: $210 and lots of time!


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