Field Stalker in 22-250 M885

Our Field Stalker is designed from the ground up to be one of the most versatile hunting rifles available. At 7.3 lbs it is just as ideal for a long stalk as it is in a hunting stand. The sporter stock gives it the timeless look and feel of a classic hunting rifle, but the modern CNC built action, match grade barrel, and pillar bedding gives the Field Stalker all the performance of a top of the line HCR precision target rifle.


Action: Stiller Predator with Fluted 1-piece bolt

Barrel: Benchmark 416R Stainless Match 24” Fluted #4 Contour 1:12 Twist 5R with recessed target crown

Trigger: TriggerTech at 2.25 lbs

Stock: McMillan Sporter in Custom Brown with Black and Tan Web, 1″ Decelerator Pad, 2 Sling Studs

Accurizing: HCR Custom Aluminum Pillar and Glass Bedding System

Metal Finish: Black Cerakote

Weight: 7.3lbs Unscoped

Accuracy Guarantee: 3-shot, ½” group with factory ammo at 100 yards

Group Size: .336” with Remington Premier 50 gr Accutip Boat Tail Factory Ammo

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7.3 Lbs No Optics


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