You Pick The Colors! Available in Personalized HCR Camo Patterns

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You Pick the Colors! Any three colors makes a Hill Country Camo Pattern. Just let us know which three colors you want in your camo pattern and we can do it.  Custom Camo Color RPR’s are $1399. These are available in 22LR, 22WMR, and 17 HMR.

The Ruger RPR is a blast to shoot. We take these rifles and give them a serious Hill Country Rifle tune up! The result is an extremely accurate rimfire rifle with excellent features and a totally unique appearance. We shoot the 22’s at 300 yards and beyond with great results. You will become a master of wind calling and trigger control shooting 100’s of rounds through these rifles. Even the sub-sonic Lapua .22 LR Center X ammo we shoot is only 30 cents a round. Shooting this ammo at 300 yards requires the same scope adjustment for drop and wind drift as a 308 does at 1000 yards with match ammunition. You will pay for the rifle with the money you save on ammo!

Hill Country RPR Rimfire Rifles are available in .22 LR, .22 Mag and .17 HMR

The HCR RPR package includes:
*Recrown barrel to improve accuracy
*Stone and tune factory trigger
*Debur all metal edges for comfortable handling
*Smooth bolt travel for better cycling
*Replace bolt knob with PTG tactical knob for superior feel and looks
*Stock is fully adjustable for length of pull and cheek rest height so great for kids and adults
*Add bipod rail to forearm
*2 10 round magazines (additional 10 and 15 round mags also available)


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