HCR Certified RPR In 22 LR #A1442

The Ruger RPR is a blast to shoot. We take these rifles and give them a serious Hill Country Rifle tune up! The result is an extremely accurate rimfire rifle with excellent features and a totally unique appearance. We shoot the 22’s at 300 yards and beyond with great results. You will become a master of wind calling and trigger control shooting 100’s of rounds through these rifles. Even the sub-sonic Lapua .22 LR Center X ammo we shoot is only 30 cents a round. Shooting this ammo at 300 yards requires the same scope adjustment for drop and wind drift as a 308 does at 1000 yards with match ammunition. You will pay for the rifle with the money you save on ammo!


The HCR RPR package includes:

  • Recrown barrel to improve accuracy
  • Stone and tune factory trigger
  • Debur all metal edges for comfortable handling
  • Smooth bolt travel for better cycling
  • Replace bolt knob with PTG tactical knob for superior feel and looks
  • Stock is fully adjustable for length of pull and cheek rest height so great for kids and adults
  • Add bipod rail to forearm
  • 2 10 round magazines (additional 10 and 15 round mags also available)
  • Custom Tan Camo Cerakote
  • Optics: Nightforce SHV 4-14 x 50 F1 MOAR Mounted with NF Rings
  • 100 yard zero
  • Ballistics card for scope adjustments to 400 yards included
  • Actual group size: .695″ with Lapua Center-X Factory Ammo

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