HCR Custom 22 LR

Our custom 22 bolt action rifles are an absolute blast to shoot!  This rifle is designed to perfectly simulate the size, weight, balance, and accuracy of our center fire rifles.  The action has the same dimensions and feel as our standard short action.  We use the same Rifleman stock that you see on our Tactical Course Rifle and Long Range Hunter.  This rifle features the Vudoo V22 action, the same Surgeon bottom metal as our tactical rifles and uses a full size 10 round magazine that is ingeniously designed to mimic Accuracy International magazines.  Our 22 is a perfect trainer for shooters of all ages.  We still guarantee a 3-shot, ½” group at 100 yards with recommended factory ammunition.  You can shoot 100’s of rounds between cleanings, the barrel does not overheat so you can shoot long strings of fire, and you will never shoot the barrel out.  Sub-sonic 22 ammunition is amazingly quiet.  The barrel is already threaded to accept a suppressor for even greater noise reduction.  While this is a relatively expensive 22, you are getting the finest action, stock, and barrel available in a 22 long rifle, combined with the aluminum pillar and glass bedding we are famous for. The long barrel life and cheap ammunition more than make up for the initial cost over time.  We regularly shoot 6” plates at 300 yards with great success.  Vertical drop and wind correction at this distance are practically identical to shooting 308 at 1000 yards!  There is no better way to practice long range shooting.  This rifle will provide tens of thousands of rounds of great shooting that will last for generations.  Check our Ready To Ship page to see if we have one currently available or call us to order yours just the way you want it.


Rifle is pictured with HCR Combat Gray custom Cerakote camo finish on stock ($250).  Scope and mounts sold separately.


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