HCR Custom Long Range .22 Long Rifle #A1557

This is simply the most accurate 22 LR built.  These rifles are built just like our full custom center fire rifles.  We take the best 22 bolt action made, the Vudoo Gunworks V22 action, finest match grade rimfire barrel, and perform our full Accurizing service with our one-to-one aluminum pillar and glass bedding.  The rifle is bedded into our proprietary Rifleman stock, or McMillan stock of your choosing.  Everything about the rifle, except recoil and noise, feels just like our full sized Tactical Course Rifle.  Our Cerakote finish is included in the color of your choosing.  We install a Trigger Tech trigger tuned to 2.0 pounds or heavier as you desire.


Every rifle is fully tested for function and accuracy.  We shoot each rifle at 100 yards and guarantee 3-shot, 1/2″ groups at 100 yards with recommended factory ammunition.  Targets are supplied with the rifle.


We regularly shoot our 22’s at 300 yards with excellent results.  Shooting match quality, sub-sonic 22 ammo at 300 yards is almost identical to the scope click as shooting a 308 match rifle at 1000 yards.  You have almost unlimited barrel life, no recoil, very little noise, and much cheaper ammunition.  You can shoot 100’s of rounds at a shooting session.  You don’t need a 1000 yard range to practice 1000 yard shooting.  Just use our 22 at 300 instead!  Everyone, young and old, loves shooting a super-accurate 22.  Did I mention they are already threaded 1/2X28 for a suppressor?



Vudoo V22 stainless steel control feed action

Match stainless steel, 20″ barrel, threaded 1/2X28 with thread cap

A-10 Adjustable stock in custom Dark Blue with Red and White Web,  2 side mount flush cups, 2” bipod rail

Blackout Cerakote finish

20 MOA rail

Jewell trigger tuned to 2.0 pounds

HCR Accurizing with aluminum pillar and glass bedding of receiver and bottom metal

Surgeon bottom metal with 10 round Detachable Box Magazine

Rifle weight without optic:  10.0 pounds

3-shot, 1/2″ group Accuracy Guarantee at 100 yards with factory ammo

Actual 100 yard Group size in testing:  .251″ with SK Long Range Match

Ask for Job A1557

Scopes:  One key to getting the full range out of your custom 22 is to use the same type of tactical scope you would use on a long range center fire rifle.  We use, sell,  and highly recommend the following for our custom 22LR:

Nightforce ATACR 4-16X42

Kahles 3-18X50 illuminated

Kahles 5-25X56 illuminated

*All of these have parallax adjustment down to 25 yards or closer.


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