Long Range Extreme Tactical Rifle

This rifle is available in 375 Cheytac and 408 Cheytac chamberings.  We have successfully hit a 36″ target from a distance of over 2 miles with our LRET Rifle chambered in 375 CT.  That is what we mean by “Long Range Extreme”.  Our 338 Lapua owns territory out to one mile.  The Long Range Extreme takes over from there.  The rifle is built on a Stiller Precision 1.450″ action and features a one-piece machined bolt, M-16 style extractor, and perfect tolerances throughout.  We chamber and fit a match grade barrel, in a heavy contour and 28″ to 30″ length.  A prone position muzzle brake is standard and felt recoil is very reasonable.  The rifle is fully Accurized, with aluminum pillar and glass bedded action, into a McMillan A-5 Super Magnum stock in sniper fill, with adjustable comb.  A Jewell trigger is also standard equipment.  Rifle weight is 18 pounds without scope.  Scope, mounts and bipod sold separately.  Stock shown is in our custom painted Cerakote finish which adds $350 to cost.  For standard stock finishes see www.mcmillanusa.com.


Available in Right hand and Left Hand, as repeater or single shot.


If we are shipping the completed rifle to your dealer, please add $549 for a rugged SKB I Series case that is made for these rifle dimensions.


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