Long Range Hunter starting at $5499

Finally, the perfect long range hunting rifle is here.  As hunters, we can now take advantage of accurate range finders combined with precision scope turrets and cross hair systems that extend the range of ethical hunting shots.  We believe the missing ingredient has been a hunting stock and rifle combination that equips the hunter to be more accurate at these longer ranges in real field conditions.  Until now, most of these rifles have been heavy, tactical designs that are great for a day at the range, but too heavy and cumbersome for true open country hunting.  At the other extreme, ultra-light carry rifles, while accurate enough inside 300 yards, simply don’t give you the stability needed for long range prone shooting.

Our Long Range Hunter is the answer we have all been waiting for.  We combine the specifications from our Field Stalker rifle with our custom designed Rifleman stock.  Our Rifleman stock is a right-hand dedicated design with a comb height, palm swell and overall grip shape that is absolutely perfect for prone shooting, but also great from a sitting or standing position.  It does not require an adjustable comb or strap on cheek piece.  It is not bulky like a typical tactical stock.  This means the Long Range Hunter is no heavier than a standard weight sporting rifle.  Rifle weight ranges from 6.5 to 7.75 pounds while delivering every design detail needed for optimum long range shooting.


  • Defiance Machine Rebel action with Sheep Hunter port
  • Solid, one-piece bolt body with flutes
  • M-16 style mini-claw extractor
  • Match grade stainless steel barrel with recessed target crown
  • Expertly tuned TriggerTech trigger (Jewell trigger available at additional cost)
  • 1” Pachmayr decelerator recoil pad
  • Rifleman Stock
  • Custom aluminum hinged floor plate
  • Full accurizing with aluminum pillar and glass bedding
  • Satin Matte bead blast finish standard, Cerakote finish additional $375 in color of choice
  • Barrel break-in
  • Scope mounting and sight in
  • 3-shot, ½” group accuracy guarantee with recommended factory ammunition
  • Targets provided
  • Optional at additional cost:  Optic is not included in price.  This rifle is shown with our favorite optic pairing for the Long Range Hunter; the Swarovski Z8i 2-16X50 with Ballistic Flex Turret mounted in Talley steel bases and rings.  We are happy to supply, mount, and zero any of our Swarovski, Kahles, or Nightforce scopes at your request. Chronograph services and custom turrets in yardage increments also available for most optics.

*Available with 3-position safety, $275 additional cost.

*Fluting of steel barrels for $299, flute will be indexed top dead center.

*Add Carbon Fiber barrel for $595.


Rangefinder, Scope, Long Range Hunter from Hill Country Rifles, and practice:  These are the necessary ingredients for successful long range hunting.

Our accuracy is not only guaranteed, it is verified. Every aspect of your rifles performance will be tested and proven. We will shoot the rifle from a bag rest to test and verify proper feeding, extraction, ejection and accuracy. You will receive the final targets and ammunition data.


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