Sheep Rifle

If walking long distances or covering rugged terrain is a big part of your hunting style, then this is the best rifle available for your needs. Weighing between 6.0 and 7.0 pounds, unscoped, the Sheep Rifle is designed for those that need a lightweight, durable, easy to carry rifle for those long hunts in challenging terrain. We designed it to be perfectly balanced, reasonable in recoil, and extremely accurate.  Perfect for calibers from 6.5 Creedmoor to 300 Win. Mag.  Available in both right and left hand configurations.


  • Defiance Machine Rebel action with Sheep Hunter port
  • Solid, one-peice bolt contruction with flutes
  • M-16 style mini-claw extractor
  • Match grade stainless steel barrel in #2 or #3 contour, length appropriate for caliber
  • Professionally tuned Trigger Tech trigger (Jewell trigger available for additional $100)
  • McMillan Hunter’s Edge or Mountain Rifle stock
  • Our complete Accurizing process with aluminum pillar and glass bedding
  • Free floated barrel
  • Recess target crown
  • Barrel break in
  • Satin Matte bead blast finish standard, Cerakote finish in color of choice add $350
  • Scope mounting and sight in
  • 3-shot, ½” group accuracy guarantee with factory ammo
  • Targets included
  • Optional: This rifle is shown with our favorite optic pairing for the Sheep Rifle; the lightweight Swarovski Z5 3.5-18X44 scope with Ballistic Turret mounted in Talley lightweight mounts. Check the All Inclusive pricing below to see total cost of rifle as shown. We are happy to substitute a different scope and mounting system and adjust cost accordingly at your request. Chronographing services and custom turrets in yardage increments also available at additional cost.

Our accuracy is not only guaranteed, it is verified.

*Available with 3-position safety, $275 additional cost.


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All Inclusive Price

$6708 including Swarovski Z5 3.5-18X44 scope with Ballistic Turret, Talley lightweight scope mounts, Cerakote finish in color of choosing, scope mounting and sight in. We are happy to use a different scope an mounts at your request and will adjust pricing accordingly.


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