Rem. 700 300 PRC Conversions

Hornady’s new 300 PRC is quickly gaining ground in the long range hunting and tactical shooting market. We get several calls each week asking if the Remington 700 long magnum action is a good platform for building a 300 PRC.
The short answer is, “Yes”.
But there are a few issues to consider.
1.) The 300 PRC requires a CIP length magazine box. We can machine the receiver’s magazine well to accommodate a Wyatt extended magazine box and replace the factory bottom metal with one that properly accepts the Wyatt box. Cost for this conversion is $300 including the bottom metal. Factory Remington bottom metal does not give adequate room for the Wyatt conversion without risking failure of the floor-plate latch spring.
So, this cost must be added to our Use What You Have or Deluxe Accurizing service.
The Remington 700 Ultra Mag action is slightly different in the feed rail shape and feed ramp angle. Pop-ups are likely if this action is used since the case shoulder is farther forward on the RUM than it is on the PRC. While this may work when the bolt is run quickly, it is likely to fail as the round tries to pop up out the magazine box too early when the bolt is run more slowly. Thus, we do not offer this conversion for a RUM action.

2.) Another option is to use a new CIP length DBM assembly from American Precision Arms. Using this bottom metal and CIP 300 Win. Mag magazine from Accurate Mag., both the 700 long action belted magnum and Ultra-Magnum actions will work. We still need to do the same machine work to the receiver. We also offer this only when combined with a new McMillan or Rifleman stock as the inlet for the APA assembly is different from the factory inlet.
This is a great idea when building your rifle using our Use What You Have service. Cost for the machine work to the magazine well, the APA Bottom metal and CIP 300 Win. Magazine is $459.

Conclusion: The Remington 700 BDL action in a long belted magnum configuration will work as the platform for a 300 PRC so long as one of the above conversions is done.
The Remington 700 BDL Ultra-Mag action will work only with the APA DBM assembly is used and we must also replace the stock as part of this conversion due to the different dimensions of the AMA bottom metal.

If you are ready to build a 300 PRC off of your existing Remington 700, just give us a call and we are happy to go over details!

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