It is perfectly legal for you to ship a rifle that you already own, to us for service. You do not have to ship through a dealer. You can ship your rifle via UPS, Federal Express, or US Postal Service. You do not have to ship using an Air service. You can ship Ground. If you have a UPS or Federal Express account, you can ship the rifle with your normal outgoing shipments with a signature required.

If you are going to take your rifle somewhere to be shipped, there are some differences in procedure.


  • UPS may require that you take the rifle to a main hub.
  • Federal Express will usually ship from any of their counters.
  • The US Post Office will ship Priority Mail with insurance.


We recommend that you put the rifle in a plastic rifle case and put the case in a box. Most shippers want the bolt removed from the rifle. In this case make sure that you wrap the bolt in something so it does not contact the rifle while in transit.


Do not include any ammunition with your rifle as this is illegal.


We have never had a theft issue with any shipper, so locks on your case are not needed. We do recommend taping or strapping the case shut so the latches cannot open while in transit.


HCR Shipping Service


If it is inconvenient for you to use the above methods, we offer an all-inclusive shipping service for $259.00. We will ship our box to you with all the packaging material needed. A return UPS label with insurance will be inside the box. All you do is pack the rifle in the box, use the enclosed straps to strap it down, and stick the label on the box. Then, call UPS and they will pick the package up from you. So, the service includes our box, shipping the box to you, shipping to us, and final return shipping to you when the work is finished. To arrange for this service just give us a call at 830-609-3139 with your credit card number.


Regardless of which shipping method you use, make certain that you have printed and completely filled out our Work Order Form from this web sight and include it with your rifle.