What is a Harvester?

An HCR Remington 700 Harvester takes down a Gemsbok

For many years, Hill Country Rifles offered our Harvester rifle, built on a Remington 700 barreled action. Each factory rifle would be rigorously inspected before going to our custom shop to be built into a Harvester.

This was a tremendously successful product line, until we stopped production due to our dissatisfaction with factory barrel and chamber quality.

We are relaunching our Harvester rifle series using a well-known Sako product; the Tikka T3 Light.

The Tikka T3 Light gives us a lightweight platform with a detachable box magazine and a short, quick 60-degree bolt throw, Sako extractor and adjustable trigger.  We have been very pleased with the machining quality of the barrels and chambers and are confident we can guarantee a sub-inch grouping rifle at 100 yards with factory ammunition.

How do we build a Harvester?

After a thorough inspection of the Tikka T3 rifle, we perform our complete Accurizing service. In addition to perfectly bedding the action, we recrown the barrel to ensure a perfectly concentric crown and tune the factory trigger to a crisp 3.0 pounds. The factory Tikka stock is replaced with a McMillan hand-laid fiberglass stock with 1” Pachmayr Decelerator recoil pad.  Then we apply our rust-proof Cerakote finish to the metal to give you a fantastic custom look in an extremely accurate, reliable, lightweight hunting rifle at a great price.

As always, we do the barrel break-in, accuracy testing, and find the factory hunting load your rifle likes best.  Scope mounting and sight in is always included.  You can provide a scope or select a new Swarovski, Meopta or Nightforce scope from our inventory.  Our Swarovski scopes start as low as $699!

Tikka T3 Harvester Specs
Tuned Factory Trigger Weight 3.0 Lbs
Available McMillan Stocks Sako Hunter, Sako Classic, Game Scout, Game Hunter
Length of Pull 13.5 Standard, Custom Sizes Available
Recoil Pad 1" Pachmayr Decelerator
Stock Web patterns Any HCR Standard Web Pattern
Metal Finish Custom Cerakote, Standard Colors Available
Typical Weight, Unscoped 6.5 lbs Standard
Barrel Break in Included
Scope Mounting Included
Sight In Included
Available Right Hand Calibers: 22-250 Remington, 6.5 Creedmoor, 270 Win, 308 Winchester, 30-06, 7mm Remington Magnum, 300 Winchester Magnum

The HCR Accuracy Guarantee

We take accuracy & precision seriously. Every gun must shoot under the guaranteed 1-inch group size before it leaves our shop. You will receive the three-shot grouping along with the information of which Factory Ammunition load your  rifle shoots best. We stock all ammunition we shoot.

Tikka T3 Harvester
Tikka T3 Harvester

Pricing and Options

Tikka T3 Harvester Base Price
Scope Mount and Sight In
Includes Customer's Optics
HCR Muzzle Break
Includes 1/2X28 Threaded Muzzle
Thread Protector Cap
Left Handed Models
Subject to Caliber Availability

Premium Aluminum Trigger Guard Assembly
Cerakote Color matched to Action and Barrel Color
Extra Magazines
+$50 Each

Laser Etching Options

Laser Etch Your Name Onto the Bolt
Laser Etch Custom Bolt Pattern
Your Choice: Damascus, Zebra Stripe, Hexagon (see below for examples)
Tikka T3 Harvester


Bolt Etching Options

Tikka T3 Harvester

Zebra Stripe

Tikka T3 Harvester


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